All of our missionary families and ministries are supported through Faith Promise Giving. Faith Promise Giving is a simple, Bible-based program that uses the New Testament plan for reaching the world with the gospel. It is strictly voluntary, but all members are encouraged to give to Faith Promise Missions.

The “faith” in Faith Promise Missions involves each individual making a commitment to give a predetermined amount to missions systematically and regularly by faith. Each individual is encouraged to pledge an amount that will have to be provided by God through their faith, and give it as He provides. When God provides for this need to be fulfilled, it nourishes the faith of the church and the individual through whom God has supplied the need.  

Through our 2024-2025 Faith Promising Giving, God has allowed us to faithfully support 24 missionaries and ministries all around the world. These men and their families have the call of God on their lives to serve God on their mission fields.