Wednesday, November 22

  • Chili and Pie Cookoff – 7:00PM
    Join us as we take a special time of thanksgiving to celebrate together with chili, pie, singing and a challenge from God’s Word.
Thanksgiving Service at 7:00PM

Friday, December 2

  • Christmas Banquet – 6:30PM
    A wonderful meal will be provided by the church as we celebrate together the wonderful event that is the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A voluntary love-offering will be taken to cover the cost of the meal. Please sign up by Sunday, November 26.
Christmas Banquet at 6:30PM

Sunday, December 17

  • Children’s Christmas Program – 9:30AM
  • Morning Service – 10:45AM
  • “Lord of Glory” Christmas Cantana – 6:00 PM
    Presented by the First Baptist Church Choir: A Musical Celebration of Christ’s Incarnation. Dan Forrest’s elegant telling of the Christmas story contrasts Christ’s pre-incarnate glory in heaven with His humility in coming to Earth. The resulting work casts the incarnation in a fresh light through carefully selected scripture readings and a mixture of familiar carols and original music that is varied, interesting, and musically satisfying. In the words of the composer, “Lord of Glory” “will cause the listeners and the musicians to have a renewed appreciation of the Christmas story.”
Christmas Cantana at 6:00PM

Sunday, December 24

  • Sunday School for all ages – 9:30AM
  • Morning Service – 10:45
  • Christmas Eve Service – 6:00PM